Sedimental Feelings by Marion Ellena
Limited Print Edition

Edition of 5 copies
Signed and numbered

Hand stamped envelope
Numbered print slipcase


One of a kind Cyanotype photogram, each is slightly different.
5” ✕ 7”

Saddle stitch, self-cover
With limited edition obi band
5.5” ✕ 8”

Edited by Martha Naranjo Sandoval
Designed by Aline Enríquez

For Sedimental Feelings, Marion Ellena brings together images made between 2006 and 2021. The publication combines images she took during her teenage years, recent photographs, and pictures that have been manipulated in the darkroom with filters, light, and photogramming.
“The becoming of a picture from a place where I’m looking for some closeness with reality and memories.
An intimate relationship with the darkroom. Thin layers of time and space.
Sometimes photography becomes accidental and a field of possibilities opens a window.
Navigating. The body guides. Holding hands to an unstable representation.
Hands on light and paper. Processing. Alteration. Sensation.
Process of apparition. Declining boundaries between the present and the past, reality and fiction.
Feeling the materiality of the memories. The outside from the inside world.”

Marion Ellena is a French-Venezuelan artist living in Marseille, France.

Her work explores the fragility of memory and our perceptions of time and space.

She received a BFA degree from La Cambre in Brussels, and an MFA from Les Arts Décoratifs de Paris. In 2021, she was part of an art residency in Marseille to finish her project film Aphone. Her work has been shown at the Jeu de Paume Lab. She is currently enrolled in the Electroacoustic Studies Program at the Marseille Conservatory.
No human is illegal.
Ningún ser humano es ilegal.